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Welcome to Omeglepervy Random Video Chat! Powered by WeMatcher, our random chat is an innovative adult dating platform.

Offering thousands of users online everyday, is the perfect place to meet and flirt, for heterosexual, homosexual and bisexual users: we are LGBT friendly!

Here you can either join our LIVE, where you can watch models or stream yourself as model.

RANDOM section, and meet total strangers that are shuffled randomly.

Or, surf the DATING area, and make new friends selecting between the broad database of users.

This is the first random chat that let you play and have fun for FREE: the whole platform is completely free of charge!

However, this is not all. You can also register yourself as MODEL in few seconds, and start receiving GIFTS from other users.


We are using the fastest and best servers available, and the latest technology in peer-to-peer video chat connections.

This, allows you to bring random chatting at a new, higher level, enjoying the following characteristic:


-Random Chat


-Direct Video Calls


-Voice and Text Messaging


-Off Line Messaging


-Full HD Video Quality


-Mobile, Tablet and Desktop Friendly



What makes our random chat so unique? Well, there are many special features that identify WeMatcher as a game changer in the video chats world.

We selected the most impressive features and summarized them for you here:

-Completely Free: the whole video chat is accessible without the need of payments.


-No Registration Needed: you can play with it, as a guest user.


-Anonymous Account: your privacy it’s our priority.


-Everyone Welcome: let your sexual preferences be your winning point.


-2 in 1: random chat and dating platform, all in one place.


-Make Money: play on it as a webcam model, get gifts, collect Euros.



You can use our random chat as guest or as registered user. Registering is very simple, and it takes less than 10 seconds.

Your registration is completely anonymous, and needed only to let you fully enjoy our application.

Once you register and create your own profile, you are able to use the Gender Filter, that allows you to meet only the preferred genders.

Forget getting matched with uniteresting people, if you select Females, you will meet only Females.

But since the world is changing, you can select up to four preferred genders. And modify this choice, any time, as may times you want.

When you get connected to the fitting partner, you can press “ADD FRIEND” and add this person to your friend list.

Last but not least, you are also able to “SEND GIFT” and donate a present to your partner, as reward for the charming video chat time spent.


Remember, to join our random chat, you must be 18 years old or older.


Our video chat let everyone become a Webcam Model without any special request.

Upon registration, you are asked to select between:



While the first selection if for everyone who is interested in searching a matching partner.

The second option is suitable for everyone who is willing to spend much more time online.

Also dedicated to create a nicer, charming profile and make as much friends as possible.

Our Webcam Model is able to ask and receive gifts from other users. Those gifts represent a tip of WM Points.

Those WM Points, can be exchanged into Euro, and cashed out.

If you choose to be a Webcam Model, you should broadcast yourself in our random chat quite often, and deliver a proper show to others.

Remember, this selection is NOT CHANGEABLE. If you mistake your selection, you must DELETE your account, and make a new one.



To understand if a random chat is better than a video chat, or otherwise, it is first of all important to ask ourselves a question:

Which are the differences between a random chat and a video chat?

There is probably only one major difference, instead of several: a random chat nothing else than an additional features of a more common video chat.

A video chat is simply a internet communication, between two or more people, which allows the interlocutors to also see each others in video streaming, in addition to the text or vocal chat.

A random chat, often called chatrandom, uses basically the same system used for a video chat, but instead to connect you with a desired user, it connect you automatically with a total stranger. This stranger is picked at random by shuffling between all users connected into the same platform at a specific moment.

Which is better? It depends.

A chatrandom its fantastic to add the thrill of the unknown, the possibility to meet new people, make new friends and interact with friends you may never meet again.

A video chat instead, is exactly the opposite: the amazing possibility to call and see a person we are missing or in need to contact.

For example, imagine to start a random chat, meet an interesting girl and become very good friends. She is very pretty and sweet, you do not want to miss the chance to to meet her again. What to do? Add her as friend, an option on our random chat, and she will be in your contact list. Once this is done, anytime she will be online, you will be able to call her directly for a direct video chat.

The final answer for us is one: the perfection of communication comes from the co0mbination of a chatrandom and a video chat!

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