OMEGLE VIP CHAT – Welcome to Omeglepervy our omegle vip chat that allows you to talk to strangers from the comfort of your own device.

Do not waste your time with useless researches, omeglepervy is the place to be to find immediately sexy, charming girls.

Our omegle vip style platform is totally free, no registration is needed, and the gender filter, Male / Female, is automatically enable from the start.

Also, using our omegle it is simple, fast and safe. This thanks to the latest technologies in terms of peer to peer communications.

Every single female partner you meet here is a real person. We do not allow fake cams or video streaming.

If you are searching for a omegle style chat, to meet only females and have fun, here is the place to be.


It is time to talk to strangers and make new friends. Online, everything is much more simple and fast, than in real life.

Omeglepervy let you not only talk with strangers, but also add new people into your friend list. So you can meet them again and build a real friendship.

But this is not all. Another huge improvement from the original omegle vip done by coomeet, is the real time text translator.

Do not worry to meet and talk to strangers, without be able to understand each other: type in your own language, and the whole text will be immediately translated into your friend language.

This feature is a complete game changer, especially useful when you just met someone and you need to start a conversation.

To make it work properly, just make sure you select your own language, before starting to search for girls!



Omeglepervy, thanks to our technology, offers unique benefits since the year 2012.

Find here a list of the most exclusive ones that omegle vip can offer you:

-Free Trial

test the omegle chat and check if it fits your needs.

-Only Girls Omegle Vip

it’s a 2 genders platform: males searching for females, females searching for males. And that’s it.

-Real People

only verified, real profiles and users. No space here for fake cams or  unreal streaming.

-No Strings

you get connected with strangers females, randomly. Press “NEXT” and skip to a new partner.



Using Omegle Pervy it is not different than using omegle vip, or any similar platform.

The free trial it is also there to let you get accustomed and learn all tricks and features.

However, here you can find a list of basic instructions:

-Make sure you got a webcam and a microphone installed.


-Accept therms and rules (mandatory by international laws).

-Activate your webcam and let your browser access it.

-Start searching for a female partner, and enjoy your time freely.

-MOBILE: accessible on Safari for iPhone and Chrome on Android



Once your free trial it is over, you will need to wait some time before accessing again omegle vip style chat, and be able to search for new girls.

If you are not willing to wait, and you want to run back into the game, and do not miss out any beauties, Premium is for you:

-Premium membership gives you full access to all features

-Premium will also donate you minutes: those minutes will be then debited depending on how much time you spend chatting.

-Minutes can be also used for sending cute gifts to the lovely women you will meet.

-Do not worry, you can top up your minutes balance at any time, thanks to fantastic special offers and promotions.

-Premium membership is in your total control: up to you if you want to renew, when and how. No hidden recurring payments.



Omeglepervy, the original omegle chats alternative since 2012, uses the latest most advanced technology to ensure the total protection of its users. Here, all our omegle chats are encrypted by SSL certificate connections, making your video communication completely safe and anonymous.

Not only this, but thanks to a worldwide network of CDN servers, all the omegle chats are delivered super-fast on HTTPS connections, making Omeglepervy the most reliable platform for nowadays video chatting.

While using the handpicked omegle vip chats, which they are using the latest methods of internet protection, on Omeglepervy you get an additional level of protection given by our modern and fast servers. This is why, meeting and chatting with girls on internet, has never been so easy, fast and secure as using Omeglepervy. Take a look at the real reviews given by our users about their experiences on our omegle vip chats, and discover why we are the leading omegle platform up to date in the whole internet.

Join and enjoy the omegle chats in total safety by using omegle pervy on a daily basis without restrictions and without any concern about your privacy. With a 10 years experience, Omeglepervy is here to stay and keep its position as number one omegle vip chat alternatives to talk to strangers online.

Make talking to strangers on internet your new way to meet and make new friends, without compromising your absolute right to safety and cyber protection.

OMEGLE pervy

OMEGLE PERVY VIP talk to strangers

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